Garage Door Repair – Common Issues with Garage Doors

Garage Door Repair – Common Issues with Garage Doors

Garage doors are useful aspects of homes and thus need proper care for optimal operation. However, most homeowners only pay attention to their garage doors when a problem arises.

Garage doors have moving parts, making them complex pieces of equipment. Due to their electrical systems, they are prone to developing problems from time to time.

When problems occur, a garage door repair service can help get your door back to its working condition. Here are some of the most common issues with garage doors:

Door Does Not Always Open – A garage door may fail to open while other times it opens up fine. This problem is usually caused when batteries in the garage door remote dies. Replace your remote batteries to try solve the problem.

Garage Door Starts Closing but Suddenly Opens up Completely – This is a common problem resulting from issues in the sensor or the photo eye of the door. Check to see that the sensor and the receiver are properly aligned. Also, ensure the photo eye is clean and nothing blocks its path.

Garage Door is off the Tracks – This is a risky situation that can bring major damage to your house if the door completely falls off track. It also poses danger to people and can damage property or things in your garage. If you notice your door is out of track, call for professional garage door repair service to put it back in track for you.

Garage Door Closes with a Loud Thud – If your garage door is working just fine but hits the floor with a loud thud when you try closing it, the springs might not be holding the door as required. As springs age, they become less effective at carrying the weight of garage doors, necessitating replacement. Garage door repair services can help you replace broken springs.

Garage Door Makes Squealing Noises When In Operation – If your garage door is making terrible noises when in use, it could be a sign of several problems. The first could be worn out parts of your garage door.

It could also result if something is stuck in the tracks or the door is off truck. The noises are also an indication that the moving parts of the door such as rollers and bearings need lubrication.

Professional garage door repair service is able to take care of these and many other problems with your garage door. They also provide maintenance services to keep your garage door in top working shape.